nc40 / nc60 Protection Angles

nc40 / nc60 Protection Angles

“nc40” and “nc60” vinyl corner protection angles preserve economically wall corners from harm which can be caused by everyday traffic within people-intensive buildings. Corner protection angles are a most economical way of tidying up corner edges on walls and are more suitable for areas such as offices, meeting rooms and rest areas where the footfall is not as busy as corridors. It is very quick and easy to fit with the option of being supplied with double-sided adhesive tape already attached.


nc40 / nc60 Protection AnglesTECHNICAL PROPERTIES

• Width: 40 mm (nc40) / 60 mm (nc60)
• Thickness: 2 mm
• Angle length: 2 m / 3 m
• Material: Vinyl (anti-scratch, anti-bacterial, fire-proof)
• Wall connection: Silicon based adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape


Suitable for environments such as offices and resting areas where pedestrian traffic is not as intense as corridors.

nc40 / nc60 Protection Angles


nc40 / nc60 Protection Angles
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